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Pirkanmaan Kylmäkone Oy offers professional, fast and reliable service in the Pirkanmaa region. We carry out the installation of air source heat pumps at the agreed time, taking into account the customer's wishes. With a carefully installed air source heat pump, you can ensure the proper functioning of the air source heat pump and the longer life cycle of the device.

- Maintenance and installation of air source heat pumps
- Spare parts and accessories for air source heat pumps
- Diamond drilling

We are a Bosch Heat Master certified manufacturer. You get a warranty of up to 6 years on the Bosch heat pumps we have installed. Please also remember that it is possible to receive a tax credit for household expenses for the installation and maintenance of air source heat pumps.

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Installation of air source heat pumps

An air source heat pump is well suited for heating and cooling a private house, apartment or summer cottage. In addition to residential premises, air source heat pumps can also be used in other premises, such as industrial and warehouse halls. It is an excellent solution as a heat source alongside, for example, electric, wood or oil heating. Good efficiency makes it an investment that quickly pays for itself.

The price of an air source heat pump is formed according to the site and the selected air source heat pump. The devices have technical differences both in terms of characteristics and power. The latest air source heat pumps have a number of functions and features that increase the comfort of living. Such special features include, for example, the improved pollutant filtration properties of indoor air, silence and remote controllability.

The price of installing an air source heat pump is influenced by the length of the piping, the installation height, the number of penetrations, the wall material and the amount of electrical work to be done. During the survey visit, our installers map the optimal location of the indoor and outdoor unit, taking into account the locations of the pipeline penetrations and electrification possibilities. Based on the visit, our installers will be able to recommend an air source heat pump that suits your needs.

Air source heat pump maintenance

Regular maintenance of the air source heat pump ensures that your device works flawlessly in the future and brings maximum energy savings. In basic maintenance, the main points and features of the device and installation are reviewed. The operation, cleanliness of the equipment and the filters of the indoor unit, as well as the cell, are cleaned with a disinfecting cleaner.

Diamond drilling

Our operating principles include delivering diamond cutting services to the customer on time and professionally. In addition to quality, reliability is one of the most important things in our operations. We serve both small and large companies – not forgetting households. We provide all the necessary diamond drilling work, such as penetrations and ventilation holes. With the latest equipment, we ensure that the work is always accurate and tidy, even indoors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can see the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Special work is always agreed with the client before the work is performed. These include, for example:
  • Refrigerant addition
  • Maintenance of equipment located at a height, more than four (4) meters or otherwise in inconvenient places.
Basic installation price: 690 € (includes VAT 24%)
  • Wall or plinth rack of the outdoor unit.
  • Vibration dampers with rubber.
  • Insulated cold pipes 4m.
  • 1 pc corner grommet.
  • Casing of pipes and cables 4m.
  • 1 pc corner of the protective case.
  • Condensation pipe 4m.
  • 1 pc through hole (does not include diamond drilling).
  • Electricity supply max. 5m from safety switch or plug.
  • Intermediate cable between the indoor and outdoor unit.
  • Installation of the indoor unit max. "2.5m" to a height.
  • Mileage 35 km in one direction (70 km in total).
  • Kilometre charge after 70 km 1,35 € / km.
  • Additional meters in piping including casing 30,00 € / m, additional meters in electrical cabling 10,00 € / m installed.
  • Disassembly of an old air source heat pump 140 €.
  • Diamond drilling by agreement.
  • The mileage allowance for the required lifting equipment, as well as the rental cost.
  • Work that deviates from the basic installation 50,00 € / hour.

Prices include VAT. 24%, prices may vary.

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